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You can get your IQ level stats through the Wonderlic test. Wonderlic test is a format of test sequels which becomes more difficult after each stage to determine a candidate's intelligence. Many employers use this test platform to judge how well an individual can perform in their company. It is also known as the pre-employment continue reading
Online shopping is an easy and comfortable way to shop anything, but not the safest. You can get many flexibility and accessibility by shopping online. Presently, it is the most favored way to shop among us. Because online shopping changed how we pay for things and can save us from thieves at stores. We can continue reading
Machine learning, AI, and other languages are making a beneficial movement in the education sector. Machine learning is helping computers and even humans to learn from our past data and improve from it. Machine learning gathers and organize an immense amount of data and information and make a structure from it. The collected data and continue reading
Financial aid can sometimes save the life of a scholar, as it can surely affect a student's decision to study further or not. Many of the scholars cannot afford the expense and academic fee of colleges and ends up being less educated. It is a difficult and heart-wrenching task to kill your dream of studying continue reading
We consider social media as a part of our lives. Social media lets us know about the happenings and events taking place currently all around the globe. It has many benefits for sure, from increasing our knowledge of various things to communicating with our foreign friends without even paying additional credits. However, technology has proved continue reading
The online schools and platforms are very flexible and less expensive. It helps a lot of scholars to study further to complete their education, specifically for the ones who don’t have a good college nearby. Also, for the ones who are working part-time jobs and can’t afford on-campus college life, or to pay the fee continue reading
2020 is completely filled with online learning and online courses. There are various online courses available to us and it is very difficult to find which one is more beneficial. Well, not a problem anymore. In this article, I share some of the most beneficial and successful online courses in 2020. But there’s a problem, continue reading
The online learning platform is indeed very flexible and budget-friendly. It helps a lot of individuals who are living far away from universities and colleges. Also, for the ones who are working to pay the fee of their academics, there's no platform that's better for them but online courses. But, along with the uncountable benefits continue reading
College life is tough, and specifically for the ones who are experiencing online classes and online environments for the first time. Even the on-campus college life is sort of overwhelming as educational responsibilities turn into stress and academic assignments and tasks feel like a burden to scholars. The journey of college life is really troublesome, continue reading
Exams are the toughest challenge a student faces. No matter if you are a high scholar, college-goer, or a PhD pursuer, exams are something no student can avoid. Scoring well on exams is a struggle all students grapple with. However, what if we tell you there is a way to boost your grades? You don’t continue reading
The recent pandemic has swept the world upside down. Educational institutions being shut down, lockdowns being ensured, social distancing, and so much more has changed our way of living for the past 6 to 7 months. Though, through continuous efforts of nations and their governments, we have seen a gradual betterment as many industries are continue reading
College is a significant investment that comes with the hope of a stronger, richer life. It doesn’t always calculate that way. Some experts say the worth of a bachelor’s degree is fading. Starting salaries for new college graduates have grown but 1% over the past two years, remaining at around $50,000. Worse yet: A decade continue reading