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5 Tips To Create A Productive Study Space

Who doesn’t want to have list A and A+ in the result? Almost everybody wants it. But to do it we must learn particular things. Students must have to study daily to get good grades. You can consider studying as much as like but studying only a certain way will suit you. To solve this, we have to make a particular productive study space. We all know that what a study space is? It is a particular space which is only specified for studying related stuff. Many people know this but don’t how to make the perfect study space. Don’t worry, we have kindly provided 5 tips to create a productive study space.   

It should be comfortable.

Being comfortable in the study space is like finding the perfect balance on the circular roller. If it is too comfortable, you might not focus or may even fall asleep. It is also uncomfortable you may still lose focus. Sitting at a desk or table with comfortable foamy chair is usually the best way to go. Many people like to do their homework on the bed, which can be too much relaxing. Other people do their homework on buses which is also disturbing. In places like the bed, your brain may send a signal to your body to relax and finally sleep. In areas like buses and other public transport, the brain may find it hard to focus on the word.

Overall you know what is best for you than anyone. Choose a place that best fits your mood. Such as if you study at night getting sleepy then avoid studying on a big couch and instead go a proper desk.  


Try to personalise your study space. For some people, a little personalisation in study space can help you retain longer proactive studying sessions. Adding some beautifications such as family photos or posters of the different inspirational quote can help you motivate. This will help you continue to study harder and continuously

Try adding colours that please to you. This is found to be very helpful. We suggest that you should use colour such as blue, purple and green as they tend to bring feelings like peace and balance. All being said and done. Just remember not to go too intense with the decorations as many decorations can quickly reduce your study time. Remember the study space is designed to help you study more effectively. While not be too distracted by everything. You can also add some fresh plants to enlighten your study space. Go to a furniture store. Select the best desk you can for you. Check the wood quality and overall texture of the wood.

Clear Away the Clutter

Keeping you study space clean and organised can help you focus on study better. It is seen that an unorganised, messy study area can be distracting. Whether small things like not being able to find the right paperwork or old stinky smell of food can be chaotic. Messy study space will be ineffective for you.

You might have heard of spring cleaning. Do this spring cleaning on your desk but every month. Working in a clean space will help you to focus more easily. It will also form a peace of mind as well. For starter, try organising all those papers jumbled across your study area into one stack. Now arrange all those papers into 3 piles. Your first stack should be of things needed and are very important while studying. Your 2 stack will consist of items that are required to be put away. Put this stack in your storeroom or cupboard. Finally in the stack number 3 you put all thrash items. Just throw it in the recycling bin. Once all the papers are done, move to the next stuff. This stuff will include all non-study related items. Use the same 3 steps on everything in your study space. At the end of the day, you will have almost zero clutter in your study space. Only necessary study material like pens, sticky notes and some other thing will on your study desk.

You also have to clean the clutter from your computer. We suggest that you have a separate laptop or computer for studying. Remove all the useless desktop icons. Make sure your computer is optimised correctly and has a reliable internet connection.

Forget About Your Phone

Cell phones are the greatest invention of this era. It helps us in finding information and staying updated on the latest news. That all good but cell phones are the biggest distraction in your studies. Overall, stay off your cell phone during through the study time. There no need to take drastic measure like turning your phone off. Turn your phone off if you can’t resist the urge to use it. If you can control yourself, keep it on and place it on aside. You can tell your friends and family that you are currently studying if they call. Just tell them that you will talk to them later.

We recommend that you stay off social media as well. Only use social media where necessary. It is your main priority to complete homework. Keep all these distractions under control while you are studying. This makes study space vital as it blocks most distractions. It will help you improve focus and information retention. You can also install certain apps that will block certain apps while studying.

Give music a try

Another way to create the perfect study space is by playing music. This tip can’t be useful for some people. Listening to some music while studying will depend on the personality of the person. See yourself how music affects your studying. Recent research show listening to background music while studying show increased cognitive processes. It helps with your overall attention and memory. It all happens due to the mechanism of increasing arousal and positive mood due to music. Other research found that the type and tempo of music can even decrease retaining information ability. An experiment was directed at the University of Dayton, where 100 participants performed better at spatial and linguistic processing when they were listening to Mozart.

When it comes about playing music in your study space, you have to decide yourself. Your most practical option may be to listen to country music. You can also use white noise which also very helpful. If it doesn’t suit you go with no music at all. Be smart about it and choose the best way that will help you with all the essential information.

These are the 5 tips you will need to create a productive study space. While you are preparing your study space, your work may be affected. Don’t worry we have a solution. You can search on the internet about Online Homework Help to find a hiring service to do your homework until your work for study space is complete. Remember to study from day one and take care of yourself.

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