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How to make a good impression in an online course

Online courses are currently the way to have an education. With the feasibility of time and place, almost everyone can opt for it. You can either choose from two main kinds of learning. Firstly being the typical kind of education (regular education) and the second one is online education/online course. Many students who have opted in both types of education suggest the online education is much better. The courses in online learning are much more updated, and understanding is more in-depth. Many people want to make a good impression in everything they do. If you recently started an online course or thought to start one. Here is a list of tips on how to make a good impression in an online course. The list mentioned below is also useful for all kind of online students.

Be On Time!

As an online course students, you will often get different kind of work which can assignments and projects. Submitting in late work too often will make a negative and a lasting impression in the eye of your online professor. You will automatically get a negative long term impression as an online student, you must learn time management skills. Students also submitting their work on a due date often have inferior quality and even plagiarised work. As students who turn in work late will obviously get lower grades and may also not be successful in their classes or earing their online course degree. As a student, you should avoid submitting at the last moment. This will tell the online professor that you might not really care about the course or the learning steps. Some online professor takes then submitting late work very personally. Try your best to submit your work on time. You will make a positive and long term impression in your online professor. We suggest that you should offer your work a few days early which help you make an even more positive and long-lasting impression. It is excellent that you submit your one or two assignment after the due date. But making it a habit can be really detrimental for you. If you due to some emergency had to submit your work late. Explain the urgency to the online professor and make the next assignment before time. Many time you will have the same online professor for different stages of course. So it is better that you submit all work on time. You slowly need to make a good positive and lasting impression.

Don’t Make any Excuses

An online professor may also have a tremendous experience by teaching in a traditional classroom, college or university. They knew and heard almost every excuse students make. Many students think that they are using a new excuse to bunk their classes, but in reality, the excuses have already been used by many others. Many online professors have heard all the excuses very well. Simple never make any excuse for any work you either give in late or try even to give a poor excuse when you didn’t turn in the work. If you can verify a significant emergency with the evidence, then it might work for you. Otherwise, it will harm your impression. Having a positive and lasting impression with your online professor is your goal for an online course. Use an excuse when it is essential.

Post first in all Online Class Discussions

Many online professors have seen that students are terrified to post first In their online class discussion. You might notice that many fellow students don’t post before someone else. The online professor knows about this fear and has a more positive and lasting impression Of your first post in the discussion. Many times the first post in the debate may not be very detailed, but still, the online lecturer will give you full points for starting. In further posts, the online lecturer will check the quality and detail of the overall post. Beginning the discussion will help you show yourself toward the lecturer. This will ultimately make a good impression. The world won’t know about your confidence until you accept yourself too.

Using Good etiquette

As an online student, you are always likely to show proper online etiquette. These online etiquettes are also called netiquette. Online students who use poor netiquettes in their online class are destroying themselves. They are leaving a negative long term impression on the online professor. 

Five things will show you etiquettes to the professor.

1) Texting Language

While it seems okay to use texting language in your daily life on social media, but it has no place to include it to academic online courses. These texting languages include lol, u for you, omg and gr8, etc. Typing in online graded discussion or assignment avoid use texting language. Even while talking to your online professor or even fellow online students prevent it altogether.


In the online world and in online classes, it seems that using all caps is considered yelling or shouting on someone. All caps should be used rarely. Use ALL CAPS when it is crucial.

3) Fonts

Some online courses or institutions allow you to pick and choose a font style that you want to use. These fonts can be used in discussion and assignments. Even if they let you decide a font, it is better to use a font such times news roman and Arial to show proper etiquette. Font as comic sans MS, AR darling and many others are considered causal fonts. They show a lack of appropriate decorum. Use appropriate size font which usually from 10 to 12 points. Anything above or below is often seen as poor netiquette. The font should be readable, short and to the point. Also, keep in mind giant heading may also hurt the integrity of the overall text.

4) Colours and Bold Face Type

 For the most share, you must primarily use only black and use particular colours carefully to make a specific term pop out in an online class discussion. The same when using a bold font in your assignments, keep in mind that APA Format does not allow different colour text. If your course follows APA content, don’t use other colour texts.

5) Language

You should permanently practice a professional and positive language when talking online and in online discussions. Anything profanity and other offensive words should not once should be used .you should also be very cautious of in what way they use humour and sarcasm online as it can be seen in the wrong direction. Also, you should never write something you are not willing to say face to face. Would you let your parents read it? That is a question you should always ask yourself when posting anything online.

Positive Tone

You need to always write in a positive tone in all of the online course-related work. An online professor may get a negative impression to you if you are writing in a negative tone. Being aggressive in discussions may also show a lousy reaction to the online lecturer.

These all the tip on how to make a good impression in an online course. We hope you find this blog useful in your next online class. You can also hire a service to Do My Online Course for Me. These will services will make good impression for you while completing your course. Remember to take care of yourself and study throughout the year.

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