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How to Manage the Stress of Online Learning

It doesn’t matter if you are a student in a university, or are taking an online course, the stress brought about by academics exists on both fronts. Being a student is already a stressful endeavor, particularly as academics requires absolute concentration and determination on the student’s part. Studying isn’t exactly something that can be done half-heartedly, as grades represent the dedication a student puts in quite well. This isn’t hidden from instructors and professors, who have the authority to assign further material for practice, adding greatly to any existing pressures.

Although stress is a natural response to a situation where the likelihood for your desired outcome is bleak, it is fundamentally a reaction. Just like hunger, thirst, sleep, and tiredness, stress is a natural impulsion to external stimuli, meaning that its generation isn’t the problem, but rather its management. Analogically, stress can be visualized as a river that is about to overflow. Being fluid, it has the tendency to “envelop” anything in its path, and render them unusable, but its state also allows it to be directed just as effortlessly. A jostling river is tamed by dams, canals, and barriers, keeping it from damaging areas that matter the most.

Love it or hate it, you are definitely going to be stressed out one way or another. Stress is natural, but the way you decide to control it is the question. From the surface, it might appear to be an arduous task to grasp the reins of your stress and force it into submission, but in reality, the process is relatively straightforward. Now, it isn’t as easy as flipping the light switch, but through routine practice and honest dedication, stress can be passed and would simply be a speck in your rearview mirror.

Get your sleep schedule fixed

It is not that uncommon to see students walking like zombies, ready to chow down on some high-caffeine treats. Although it is completely understandable that you need to get your assignment done on time, and sleep is for the weak, that doesn’t mean you can turn a one-time shot into a routine habit. Sleep is your body’s way of letting you know that you have worked for too long, and it’s time for a break.

Not listening to this response would cause your body to rebel against you, and that is never going to work out well for you. A much better solution is to keep a productivity calendar and mark the nighttime hours as for sleep only. Additionally, you can also schedule naps throughout the day to stay energized and ready for the next study session.

Eat a healthy diet

When you’re in the process of writing an essay or completing your assignment, sugar-laden treats such as soft drinks and candies are popular methods of staying refueled. Chemically speaking, your brain needs sugars to work effectively, and these treats serve to replenish your stockpile for optimal efficiency. Add coffee to the mix, and your brain is supercharged into ultra-mode, making you work much faster for a limited time.

However, just like a machine, the exertion you place on a system is directly proportional to the recovery time. The more you rely on sugars and drinks to stay afloat, the faster you would sink without them. It is much more preferable to have a balanced diet consisting of complex carbohydrates, which take time to digest but deliver energy for longer. Also, a diet that is rich in greens and lean meats is a good source for energy and is great for your body too.

Practice fitness

Staying huddled up in front of your monitor, with your body sitting in one position for extended periods, is a great way to get your joints creaky at the ripe old age of 40. The human body needs movement, and that isn’t only because of your natural inclination to stay active, but because the entire body essentially acts like a mechanical pump. Your legs have valves that your leg muscles open and close in rhythm with your steps, which considerably shares the load of circulation from your heart.

Playing physical games such as football, basketball, or even running would improve not only cardiovascular functioning but also allow fresh air to enter your airways. There is a marked difference in breathing the stationary air of a room, and the moving air around a well-ventilated area. If you haven’t already, go for a simple walk and see how well it refreshes you.

Manage your time

A major cause of academic stress is simply not managing time effectively. The vast majority of students suffer greatly as they only utilize a small chunk of the time available in their day towards productive purposes. Just so you are on the same page, it is impossible to study for more than six hours a day. Your mind is only designed for short term loads, and two hours is a balanced time to study before a break becomes mandatory.

You can schedule these study sessions throughout the day, and take breaks in the middle to attend to other matters. For instance, you can schedule two hours of online study in the morning, two in the afternoon, and two in the evening. This would space out your study sessions throughout the day evenly, and keep you from burning out. If you have any doubts and want to get them clarified, there are numerous Online Class Help forums out there for assistance.

Study in a clean environment

The environment you work in can also be the source of your stress. The sight of books, pages, and pens strewed about can prevent you from thinking clearly, and you need to organize them as soon as possible. Even taking half an hour to clean your surroundings does more for your stress, than you may think, and if you make it a habit, you will be stress and litter-free simultaneously. Speaking of litter, when was the last time you gave your room a deep rubdown? Taking the time to dust furniture, mopping the floor, and doing your piling laundry is a form of stress relief in itself.

Be comfortable

The place you are studying in doesn’t have to look like a torture chamber. Students are a lot more likely to learn better in a comfortable environment and to stay relaxed, your environment needs to be up to standard. Everything from the furniture you use, the air conditioning and heating, even the desk position has an effect on your productivity, and need individual attention.

You can start by purchasing a good chair to sit on. The bargain chair you got from the furniture store will likely cause back pain, and promote poor posture. Your desk needs to be at a certain height, and if you have the means, get a convertible desk that can raise or lower in height. Also, your desk can be moved closer to a window to allow fresh air to come in and allow natural light to illuminate your workspace. Keeping flowers and plants on your desk also has a positive effect on your mood and energy, and add a dash of naturalness to your interior in the process.

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