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Write My Online Essay Using Brainstorming Techniques

Education is on the essential things that make us successful. Having education has become so easy that anyone can have it. Either you can opt for the typical type of course, or you go for the online courses. One of the common thing both types of courses have is that you still get homework. Mostly the homework is to write an essay or to makes some slides about your research. An essay is the most common type of homework all over the world. You can hire an Online Class Taker who will take care of all of this. But if you want to do it yourself, then you will need to learn how to write the best essay. Then you are in the best place possible. The first thing to write a near to perfect essay is to brainstorm.  

So what is brainstorming?

Most of the people know what brainstorming is but some don’t. Brainstorming is a creative technique to think and arrange all the possible points related to the topic. It can also consist of a list of ideas related to the subject.

If you can take advantage of your all thinking and ideas to one single topic, it is called brainstorming. You can turn this these energies into written words and diagrams which will make your writing vibrant and full of content.

If you are starting with the least amount of information, then brainstorming can help you gather more point toward the topic. Experts suggest the brainstorming is essential thing for writing a superior essay.

Even if you have a piece of an ample amount of information, you still need brainstorming to manage that much information.

How to brainstorm

There are several options and challenges when you brainstorm and they vary upon the technique you rely on. Some methods are suitable for a limit number of the writer. If the method you tried and doesn’t seem to improve your writing, then try another different technique. Today we will discuss 2 way to brainstorm.

  1. Freewriting
  2. Cloudy brainstorming


When you are freewriting you let your thoughts flow to every place. Taking a pen and writing down whatever you think in your mind on a piece of paper is called freewriting. You don’t judge the quality of your essay and you don’t worry about the style or any other issue during freewriting. A mistake like spelling, grammar or punctuation is a least of the concern. Freewriting allows you to release all of your thought in one go. The best thing about freewriting is that you won’t critic and allow yourself to write something that you might not write usually.

When you freewrite you should have a time limit to write as a goal. You can also set a word count limit as a goal. You just have to write until you reach that goal. You can start freewriting on a computer or in a notebook. Another thing most people do while freewriting is they close the eye and write whatever comes to them. They say that it helps them to focus better and allows them freedom of thought.

The critical thing to remember is that you have to keep on writing even if the words aren’t making sense. Initially, nothing will make sense to you. After some practice, you will start to understand what you want to say. Once you complete your goal. Read back over the text you just write. There will some of the things that are just useless. Take another paper, write all the relevant information. All this information are small gems that will make your essay reach the next level. If you find nothing useful, try again this technique the next day.

Cloudy brainstorming

Cloudy brainstorming is the usual type of brainstorming. As the name suggests, you will write the topic in the centre and cover it with a circle/ cloud. After that, you think of points related to the topic/subject and write all around the cloud. Most people like this type of brainstorming because of its simplicity and requires less work.

Now you have the points arrange them according to their importance. Finally, write the essay which follows the sequence of the points. This type is brainstorming is not as profitable as you are forcing your brain to find aspects related to the topic. Expert suggest to use freewriting as you will get more information.

So now the thing comes how you will write the essay, don’t worry; we mentioned it below.

3 perspectives

While writing an essay, you will allow your content in three aspects. These 3 perspectives are described, trace and map otherwise known as introduction, body and conclusion respectfully.


In the first part of the essay, namely, describe, you will define your subject in detail. In the introduction, express your topic, what are its components and why did you choose it. Many people make a fundamental mistake; they directly start with the topic. Instead, you should do that start with sometime else which is related to the subject and then slowly move towards the subject. Best the thing about describe section that it shows why you essay one of a kind and very few can do it.


Trace or body will be the most extensive section of the essay. It can take more than one paragraph to cover all the detail. The body section will include almost every the history of the subject, how has it evolved over time and a short summary of the introduction.


The last section of the essay will be the map or conclusion section. It includes what the subject is related to, what is it influence and how you compare/opinion on the topic. If you think your map is missing content and should belong, then include a summary of the body. Lastly, the conclusion should tell the reader the hope and plans for the future.


Dc4a, otherwise known as cubing, enables you to think your topic in six different directions.

These 6 steps and all you have to do is respond to your topic to these 6 things

Describe it

Compare it

Associate it


Apply it

Argue for and against it

It is called dc4a because of these steps.

Look what has been written and slowly see whether the text responds to these 6 things. If you couldn’t find a proper answer that meets one of the 6 steps, then think to include the information in the essay. These 6 steps will help you make a fitting theme in the essay. It will give you a better awareness of the topic complexities and help you improve it.


All of the above steps were to make a proper draft. After all the draft writing, it’s time to correct and make it final. Make the draft error-free from any grammatical mistake, punctuation error and enhance the vocabulary. Write it for the last time, and everything is done.

This is all tips and brainstorming techniques you will need to write a proper and beautiful essay. We are sure these will help you a lot. Remember you need to improve every little thing in the essay to make it near to perfect. 

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